Tolia is a Gujurati word meaning Family. This family network social website is specifically for our family members/relatives only. In the digital age, everyone is busy with their lives and hardly meet and get together. This website is designed for the purpose of sharing thoughts, photos, knowledge, businesses, health, religion, etc by family members. You can create groups/pages for the same and advertise your products on the site as well. Designed to keep your privacy intact. ! As you are aware a famous social networking site is selling private information to third parties. Your data is not secure in such websites. This website is totally safe as all data remains in our servers and data is not sold to outsiders. I request everyone to participate in this endeavor and be proud of our family heritage. Website hosting needs a lot of storage, computing, memory, and bandwidth. This site is free for all to use, however, to be able to maintain the server and increasing costs I request members to kindly donate to keep the website running. Thanks to everyone and hope you'll be a part of the tolianetwork soon.






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Pratik Tolia

Founder at Samskara Tech and ToliaNetwork

IT Specialist, photographer, lover of adventure and dark chocolate