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    Guavas appear just commonplace fruits consumed by people for taste, but are actually a rich source of vitamins, minerals and protein.  Properties of the Guava: - Vitamins A, B2. B12, C - Proteins, Carbohydrates - Tannins Composition: (a Fruit) - Protein : 1.8%  - Fat : 2.6% - Carbohydrates : 8.6% - Calcium: 0.02%  - Phosphor: 0.04% - Iron: 1.6 mg per 100 grams - Vitamin A: 20 units - Vitamin B: 10 units - Total Calories: 75  Benefits:  Take the Guava with rock salt and lime-juice sprinkled on it, it cleans the filth accumulated in the system and kills all the worms effectively. It also enhances the male sperm count and taking two guavas with a dash of honey makes one potent sexually. Since it is also rich in iron, its regular intake cures one of anaemia.  Guavas can be used to cure the following ailments:  1. Anaemia  2. Arthritis 3. Boils in the mouth 4. Cough 5....

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