• Technical

    Technicalclosed group

  • Who is getting married? Whose birthday is it? Share your memories here. Strictly for family only. 
  • Jainism

    Jainismopen group

    Please share useful Jain content over here. 

    SPIRITUALopen group

    Money and wealth is temporary. Soul is forever. Karma will decide your next birth. Dedicate some time to spiritual activity. 

    RECIPESopen group

    Everyone has the secret recipe for tasty food. Be kind and share with other family members so that they can enjoy the food. 
  • Health

    Healthopen group

    This group is all about health benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, fruits, rhizomes, etc.
  • Samskara Tech

    Samskara Techopen group

    IT Consultancy, IT training, IELTS training, Learning Management System, E-Commerce site development, Website Hosting, Vulnerability assessment, Video Advertising and more.

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